“Athletes who are incorporating traditional acupuncture with other therapies such as physiotherapy, massage etc. are noticing better overall results and fewer injuries.”

Think of ‘injury time’, and your thoughts will typically turn to those exciting extra minutes when games are level and everything is to play for. One thing’s for sure, when the ‘injury time’ is personal to you, you just want it to end, and of course to recover as soon as possible.

Forward thinking amateur and professional sportsmen and women are now engaging in a whole range of holistic solutions including yoga, pilates and now acupuncture. Athletes who are incorporating traditional acupuncture with other therapies such as physiotherapy, massage etc. are noticing better overall results and fewer injuries. Acupuncture can help resolve pain, improve circulation and accelerate healing, ensuring a return to peak fitness and avoiding too many visits to the Club treatment table.

“I really enjoyed working with Pam!

She really helped me improve my well-being”

Ana Ivanovic
Former world no 1 Tennis player

The most important point to understand is that there are two types of acupuncture practiced in the UK. Most people I meet and treat are totally unaware of this.

Dry needling (needling the area of injury or trigger points) is increasingly finding it’s way into western mainstream muscular skeletal treatment regimes, and can bring quick and effective pain relief. This is very often an individual’s first experience of needling therapy and is the treatment you might receive from a Physiotherapist, GP or similar. This is localised treatment only and, because any likely underlying cause remains untreated, symptoms can quickly return. If you are only having dry needling, I believe you are almost certainly missing out on most of what a traditional acupuncturist has to offer. A traditional acupuncturist will have completed 3 to 4 years study in both Western and Chinese medicine.

Superficially, all acupuncture can look the same. However in reality dry needling and traditional acupuncture could not be more different.

“My tendonosis of the Achilles has now completely healed. I can report that from my visits to Pam I have been able to walk the golf course with little discomfort and gradually the discomfort has reduced to nil. The Specialist said that at my age it would not heal, so I am delighted to send this history so that others can be encouraged. Thanks again”


Here at threepoints Sports Acupuncture you will only receive traditional acupuncture, and that means I will almost certainly needle points not just local to your ‘problem’ area. I may also combine acupuncture with moxabustion (a form of heating the needle or acupuncture point), cupping, gua sha and electro acupuncture when I feel it is appropriate.

Using traditional acupuncture I will treat the cause as well as the symptoms. This is why points selected may not just be where ‘it hurts’. Treating the cause results in accelerated healing time and less repeat injuries. In addition incorporating regular acupuncture whilst training, not just when injured, helps the body recover from intensive physical workout and naturally boosts energy levels.

Traditional acupuncture treats the complete person physically and psychologically. So in addition to recovering from injury you might also experience the following ‘up-side effects’:

Better Sleep

Feeling rested and ready for the days training

Increased Awareness

any people notice that acupuncture helps them tune into their bodies. An improved mental clarity enables quicker decisions and an awareness of surroundings, all beneficial when dealing with competition on the sports field etc.

Less Stress

Acupuncture is often recommended and recognised for dealing with stress. The balancing effect of acupuncture allows you to be less affected and better able to deal with anxiety and stress enabling you to be more relaxed and focused on that next sporting challenge.

More Energy

Increased motivation to hit the gym or training ground

In my opinion there are plenty of reasons for incorporating traditional acupuncture into your regular training! Professional athletes that I have treated in the past have all commented upon the significant difference that acupuncture has made for them. Why not give it a try!

“I’m a great believer in Traditional Acupuncture. Pam looks after me so well and often at short notice. She is discreet and highly professional.”

Tim Howard
US National Team, Colorado Rapids and
ex Everton and Manchester United Goalkeeper

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