Preconception Acupuncture

It is never too late to prepare yourself and your partner for pregnancy. For couples who are trying for a baby it is sensible to try and achieve your optimum state of health, both physically and emotionally, before pregnancy. This will also help you maintain a healthy pregnancy and prepare you mentally and physically for giving birth. Having made the decision to try for baby, it helps to understand your fertility and to be able to optimize this short window of time each month. This is even more important if you have decided to try for a baby later in life. Pam works with individuals and couples using acupuncture to support male and female reproductive health. Her experience allows her to identify when western medical intervention is appropriate and she has built up a varied network of referral options. A course of acupuncture combined with advice on fertility awareness, diet and lifestyle may help both men and women to ensure they have the best start; the aim being, for all concerned, to achieve pregnancy sooner rather than later.

Assisted Reproduction Techniques

Should you find there are problems and conception does not happen as planned, or you have already decided to pursue IVF or a similar treatment, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle advice provide a good basis for any of the Assisted Reproduction Techniques (IUI, IVF, ICSI, Egg Donation). With both an understanding of the Western medical approach to IVF and the other techniques available, combined with the perspective of Traditional Chinese medicine, Pamela is able to tailor each treatment to suit the individual, supporting you through every stage of your chosen ART. Due to its holistic approach, acupuncture treatment provides a good support to those undergoing ART, helping you cope with the possible side effects of drugs and the emotional rollercoaster that often accompanies the treatments.